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How to clean the slurry parts

When cleaning slurry pump parts, need to be very careful careful,  this is a very important job. After cleaning the relationship between the quality and efficiency of slurry pump use. Use the correct cleaning method can improve the cleaning efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, are aspects of each slurry Staff should seriously. Here    together to understand it.  Deformed steel bar
          After a period of use, internal and external cleaning slurry pump parts is necessary. Cleaning and maintenance slurry pumps can be divided into pre-cleaned, pre-assembled parts before cleaning and washing preparations combination work.
 In the cleaning slurry pump parts from time to time, we should count plated cover the most demanding bonding parts, require special care. Cleaning not careful, it will cause the coating and adhesive failure; slurry pump parts cleaning fails, it will directly affect the life of the pump. When cleaning do not pay attention, did not meet the standard, it will make an important friction falls into a lot of dirt, oil when experiencing these dirt road, which led to its being some wear and some damage. Even in some unprofessional repair, this situation will occur should be careful.
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