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A few notes slurry operation
    The main purpose is to transport slurry pump production in the industrial sector, such as metallurgy, electric power, coal, mining and other industries are inseparable from the slurry applications. Pump slurry work is characterized by multi-processed with various solid particles, we need to know more about their use precautions in their daily operations.
When clearing mud slurry, for example, can be placed at the inlet of the impurity particles in the slurry handling a large filter, this can reduce the impurity particles entering the pump, reducing the chance of card pump, slurry pump to extend life. Slurry use of time not too long, if you have a spare pump, preferably in the form of job rotation job.
In the course of slurry pump, the pump should be placed on the ground and maintain stability of the pump body. If it is necessary to work underwater mud slurry or liquid slurry under such structure is limited by its pump must be placed into the water, then need to be placed in the water and the motor is fixed to maintain slurry stability.
There are parts of slurry pump with a mechanical seal, the use of this kind of slurry pump seal water supply must be guaranteed, and are prohibited from running under anhydrous state, to avoid dry grinding burn caused by the mechanical seal. In general, the mechanical seal slurry pump should be turned on before using the seal on the water, and after stopping the pump should be maintained for at least three minutes or more of water.
Slurry is currently the largest plant used in mining industry, the main treatment is the primary ore, under such circumstances slurry pump wear will be relatively more serious, so its service life is relatively low, particularly in accordance with the hardness of the ore processed, different particle size, abrasive slurry will be different degrees.
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