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Submersible slurry pumps for use and precautions
   Submersible slurry pump large flow of slurry pump family as a special class of products, and the most obvious difference between ordinary slurry is conveyed medium containing solid-liquid mixture of solid materials. In the large flow submersible slurry pumps for different occasions, the nature of the transmission medium is different. So we use submersible slurry pump, pay special attention to how it is used, only the right to use submersible slurry pump, in order to prolong its life.
In order to make our work can be carried out effectively, we need to do the following:
1, if there is spare pump, two pumps are best used in rotation. If the card is the only pump repair pump, you can add a network in the intake, not too many impurities into the pump, the pump so that the probability of the card will be much smaller!
2, when things slurry pump needs to be placed on land, water pipe on the water, you need to prime the pump starts. Under mud and liquid slurry was restricted because of the structure, when something needs to be placed above the water motor, pump into the water, is to be fixed, otherwise, the motor causes the motor to fall into the water scrapped. And because of the long axis length is generally fixed, so the pump is more difficult to install and use applications of the occasion was a lot of restrictions.
3, the pump power and the machine to be divided into two aspects, the aspects of machines, mainly to the maintenance of records prior to tune out than to look to know. The second is the electrical aspect, and to understand each pump motor power, his control systems have a certain understanding. The slurry pump slurry pump mechanical seal, seal water supply must be guaranteed, non-dry run.
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