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Factors that affect the life of slurry
   Slurry rational selection and use, is an important way to reduce the amount of slurry pump wear and prolong life. According to the relevant millet selection methods and manuals, site selection and reasonable working conditions to match slurry form. Slurry runtime should work in the best conditions zone, both corresponding to the high zone slurry, but also in the smallest amount of wear area. Tear strength in the presence of Q-H performance curve of the best operating zone (between the points C and K of the region, in which the wear on the work area in the smallest blade slurry than recommended by the manufacturer of the work area (point A The area between B) are much narrower, for example, a 4K-8 in centrifugal slurry pump performance curve points A and B, the slurry flow rate of 0. 61QOTr and L2Qoot, tear strength than at points C and K (flow rate of 0.7001 ^ and L 1Qoot) a high tear strength 1.5 times and 2 times in the slurry within a limited range of operation conditions is effective to reduce the amount of wear.
In the work area, the minimum amount of wear of chestnut. In the case of the basic requirements to ensure reasonable to reduce slurry pump speed. Using this method, you can reduce the intensity of cavitation and erosion. Slurry is about the material, which is a vital part. Overall efficiency of the pump, life, and cost, are to some extent by the use of the material constraints. So when you buy, you must not blindly covet cheap, we must strictly examine providers lined slurry material, that is, pieces of material overcurrent. General and domestic resistant material is relatively common, one metal liner, one is rubber lined. Metal lined slurry pumps, generally we say is wear-resistant high-chromium alloy, corrosion resistant rubber, natural rubber. Lining material accounted for 30% -50% of the cost of slurry material is qualified, directly determines the life of the pump. So be sure to lining material suppliers strictly purchase.
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